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NYC Lease Buyout Experts

Get More for Your Rent Regulated Apartment Lease Buyout


Our NYC lease buyout clients receive an average of 40% more money for their NYC rent stabilized apartment lease buyout.

Our experienced professionals know the NYC rent stabilized market and concentrate on helping you get top dollar for your apartment lease buyout.

Get a lease evaluation free of charge today.

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What We Do

We help people with rent stabilized or rent controlled apartments in NYC get the maximum price for their buyout.


Get these advantages with our team on your side:

  • Understanding of Rent Stabilized (RS) and Rent Controlled (RC) apartments

  • Knowledge of the true value of NYC rent stabilized and rent controlled apartment buyout market

  • Focus on arranging lease buyouts for the best possible price

  • Experience helping tenants achieve maximum results while providing a positive experience

How It Works

  1. You contact us for a free confidential lease buyout evaluation by an expert advisor

  2. A lease buyout advisor researches and analyses your current lease buyout value using our proprietary internal algorithm

  3. We explain how much your buyout is worth and how much we think you can get

  4. We explain our process and what we will do on your behalf to get the highest possible buyout

  5. You sit back and relax while we negotiate on your behalf and get you the best buyout deal

Who We Are

Lease Buyout Advisors, founded by New York native Benjamin Landy, is a trusted team of experts specializing in lease buyouts. With over fifteen years of experience in real estate and finance, we represent tenants in rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments throughout New York City. Our mission is to help tenants achieve the maximum buyout and prevent them from falling victim to unfair lease buyout practices.

Led by Benjamin Landy, a seasoned professional in the NYC real estate industry and a former member of Community Board 3 on the Lower East Side/East Village, our team understands the value of rent-regulated apartments. We witnessed firsthand how landlords took advantage of uninformed tenants, which propelled us to leave brokerage behind and fight for the rights of tenants in need of our expertise. Through skillful negotiations, we strive to secure the highest possible buyout amount on your behalf.

With Lease Buyout Advisors, you can rest assured knowing that our experience representing landlords and acting as brokers allows us to offer invaluable insights into the current market value of apartment leases. We employ our knowledge and advanced tools to calculate the maximum buyout amount accurately. We pay meticulous attention to detail and work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes. Our commitment to excellence has led to our clients receiving an average of 40% more than other tenants with similar leases.


Ben Landy of Lease Buyout Advisors was extremely helpful, timely, professional and effective. His analysis of my potential Lease Buyout options was on-point, detailed and brilliant. Mr. Landy not only got me the maximum payout possible, but he acted as the “go between” with my building’s owners at every step and saved me the hassle and stress of interacting with them during the difficult moments leading up to my move (which is never easy). Hats off to Ben Landy and Lease Buyout Advisors! Very Sincerely, -- Stark W, Chelsea

They immediately proved themselves to be honest and straightforward. The way they focused on my needs from the very beginning made it clear to me that they were going to help me find a simple solution to this problem. – Christina W, Upper East Side

Lease Buyout Advisors wildly exceeded my expectations. Not only did they simplify the whole process to an extraordinary degree, but they got me more money than I have ever imagined. Jessie L, West Village

Great knowledgeable group. They helped me through the whole process and got me more money than I expected. I definitely recommend for whomever is considering a buyout. - Steven D, Lower East Side

Why Would Your Landlord Buyout Your Rent-Controlled Apartment?

While tenants benefit from cost savings and avoiding rent increases, landlords may perceive these apartments as underutilized assets compared to others in the neighborhood. To address this, landlords often consider apartment buyouts as a powerful option. However, their options are limited due to the regulations governing rent-controlled or rent-stabilized buildings. Tenants can negotiate the buyout price and secure a substantial offer. Understanding landlords' motivations helps navigate negotiations for a higher buyout price. Lease Buyout Advisors assist tenants in obtaining fair buyouts while avoiding unfair practices.

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