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Lease Buyout Advisors
Who We Are

The Pioneers of Profitable Lease Buyouts

Established by lifelong New York City natives, Lease Buyout Advisors comprises a seasoned group of real estate buyout specialists committed to securing the highest possible lease buyout payouts for tenants in rent stabilized or rent controlled apartments, all while ensuring protection from unjust practices.

What We Do

We help tenants of rent stabilized or rent controlled apartments in NYC get the maximum price for their buyouts while ensuring protection from unjust practices.

Lease Buyout Advisors

Lease Evaluation & Consultation

Lease Buyout Advisors possesses a wealth of knowledge and a profound grasp of New York City real estate. With more than nineteen years of experience in real estate and finance, our team is uniquely qualified to manage lease buyout assessments and negotiations for rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments.

During our consultations, we carefully analyze your lease's potential value by employing our exclusive algorithm, which draws from over 30 data points. This transparent method empowers tenants with a comprehensive understanding of the buyout environment, positioning them for the best possible outcomes.

Lease Buyout Advisors

Protection & Negotiation

New York City's world of rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartments can be a challenge for many. But not for us. We've been in the trenches, witnessing landlords sometimes taking advantage of tenants who might not be in the know.

This drives our mission at Lease Buyout Advisors: to step in, protect our clients, and lead negotiations. We make it our duty to ensure that you're not just another number but that you also receive a deal that truly respects the value of your apartment and your rights as a tenant.

Securing Your Buyout

The path to a fulfilling buyout doesn't conclude with negotiations; it culminates in securing the rightful compensation. Lease Buyout Advisors takes great pride in overseeing this pivotal phase, leading our clients to a successful conclusion and optimized payout.

Our dedication is evident in our data: our clients typically receive over 50% more in compensation when working with us as compared to other options.

Our Clients Love Us

Real Stories from Satisfied Renters

The depth of knowledge and data they have on the industry is very strong and convincing as to why the landlord should offer you a certain amount. They are realistic and are truly trying to help tenants. I would recommend giving them a call or sending an inquiry, even if you're on the fence, as it can't hurt to find out more!

Joy R Gramercy

I had no idea about how this works until I spoke with the team. They not only educated me but also ensured I got a deal that was way beyond my expectations.

Sara R
Williamsbug, NYC

LBA was very easy to work with and came through with a good buyout offer for me. They were cooperative and communicative, and were willing to work with me particularly when it came to quickly turning around my portion of the buyout. They got the job done and saved me all the hassle of negotiations and haggling, which I doubt I could have done on my own.

Peter B
East Village, NYC

Mr. landy the best in this business i would highly recommend him any time please do business with him

Juan N
Harlem, NYC

I was genuinely surprised at how much more my apartment was worth! They made the entire process feel easy, and I never had to deal with the awkward landlord conversations.

Samantha R
Upper West Side, NYC

Ben Landy of Lease Buyout Advisors was extremely helpful, timely, professional and effective.  His analysis of my potential Lease Buyout options was on-point, detailed and brilliant.  Mr. Landy not only got me the maximum payout possible, but he acted as the "go between" with my building's owners at every step and saved me the hassle and stress of interacting with them during the difficult moments leading up to my move (which is never easy).  Hats off to Ben Landy and Lease Buyout Advisors!

Stark W Chelsea

Ben Landy was great! I was skeptical, busy, and didn't know what I was doing. Ben made the entire experience profitable and painless. Even the landlord he was negotiating with said "that Ben is such a nice guy". All communication was prompt and thorough and the process was stress free. I highly recommend Lease Buyout Advisors and Ben Landy!

Isam C
Midtown, NYC
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