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What Is A Rent Controlled Buyout?

A rent controlled buyout in NYC is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant in which the tenant agrees to vacate their rent-stabilized apartment in exchange for a sum of money. Rent-stabilized apartments are subject to limits on how much the rent can be increased each year, and tenants have the right to renew their leases indefinitely. Landlords may want to buy out rent-stabilized tenants in order to raise the rent, convert the building, or sell the property.

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However, there are many rules and restrictions that apply to rent controlled buyouts in NYC, and tenants should be aware of their rights and options before accepting any offer. According to the web search results, some of the factors that may affect the possibility and amount of a buyout are:

  • Whether the tenant is paying a preferential rent, which is lower than the maximum legal regulated rent for the unit.

  • Whether the building is already converted into a co-op or condo or is in a prime spot for development.

  • Whether the landlord wants to do a substantial rehabilitation of the building.

  • Whether the tenant has an attorney representing them in the negotiation.

  • Whether the tenant has filed any complaints or lawsuits against the landlord.

  • Whether the tenant has any succession rights or other defenses to eviction.

Tenants who are considering a buyout should consult with a lawyer or a tenant advocate before signing any agreement, and should not feel pressured or harassed by the landlord. Tenants should also know that they have to pay taxes on any buyout money they receive and that they may lose their eligibility for certain benefits or programs if they accept a buyout.

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