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Rent Controlled Buyout

Lease Buyout Advisors

About Us

Founded by New York native Benjamin Landy, the experts at Lease Buyout Advisors have over fifteen years of experience in real estate and finance. We represent tenants in rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments throughout New York City.


As a veteran of the NYC real estate industry and former member of Community Board 3 on the Lower East Side/ East Village, Benjamin saw first-hand how landlords were taking advantage of tenants who did not understand the value of their rent-regulated apartments. This led to the decision to leave brokerage behind and begin fighting for the tenants who needed his expertise.

At Lease Buyout Advisors, our mission is to help tenants achieve the maximum buyout and prevent them from becoming victims of landlords’ unfair lease buyouts.

We use our knowledge of the NYC rent-stabilized market, our real estate finance expertise, and experience to help you understand how much your lease is really worth to your landlord. Then, we handle negotiations with your landlord to get you the most money possible for your lease buyout.


Our past experience representing landlords and acting as brokers helps you understand the current market value of your apartment lease. Our knowledge and tools are put to work calculating the maximum buyout amount. We care about  details and work hard to get you more.


For many years, tenants have had nobody to represent them, or have been represented by people with other professional specialties. Not having the knowledge or the right negotiator has led to many non-maximum-yielding buyouts in the past, but with our knowledge and expertise, our clients receive an average of 40% more than other tenants with similar leases.


With Lease Buyout Advisors on your side, you no longer need to wonder if you’re getting a good deal on your buyout for your rent subsidized apartment. Now you can relax and let experts with a proven track record take care of everything while you sit back and let the maximum buyout settlement come to you.

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